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Chris Pratt loves braiding his wife's hair

Chris Pratt loves braiding his wife's hair

Chris Pratt loves braiding his wife's hair.

The 37-year-old actor also revealed his mother-in-law showed him how to do a French braid when his wife Anna Farris' hair started getting damaged from the styles he was using.

He told America's InStyle magazine: "My sister taught me how to braid when we were younger. Then, I would braid Anna's hair at night ... it was a nice little ritual. But her hair started breaking off at the top of the braid because she was sleeping on it. So Anna's mom thought a French braid might distribute the pressure. She taught me when we were in Hawaii shooting 'Jurassic World'."

Chris also praised Anna, 39 - the mother of his son Jack - as "effortlessly stylish" but admitted he is less interested in fashion than she is.

He said: "She's effortlessly stylish. But when we met, I think she appreciated that I was a guy who wore, like, cargo shorts and a T-shirt from Cabela's. That was my staple wardrobe for a really long time. Now I'm a little more aware of my choices. I don't just passively have stylists put whatever they want on me. I pay attention.

"In high school my parents and I had a deal. They would pay for either my car insurance or my clothes. So I let them cover the insurance and I got my own clothes. I'd shop at the thrift store. There were a lot of loggers and mill workers up in that area, so the stuff that was donated was generally flannels, old boots, and jeans that were all effed up. But I didn't go the grunge route. I went more for silk Hawaiian T-shirts and bell-bottom jeans."