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Chris Martin 'wouldn't swap places with anyone'

Chris Martin 'wouldn't swap places with anyone'

Chris Martin wouldn't swap places "with any person in history".

The Coldplay frontman has revealed he's loving life at the moment and is terrified of reincarnation because he doesn't think anything else can match the joy he's currently experiencing.

The 38-year-old star - who divorced actress Gwyneth Paltrow earlier this year - told the Observer newspaper: "I had this argument with a friend. This is going to sound really arrogant, but I was trying to say that I was really happy.

"I said that I don't want to change places with any person in history, ever. I mean that. I'm petrified of reincarnation because, you know, I like being me."

Despite his high-profile divorce, Chris recently confessed he remains glad that his ex-wife took a chance on an "unripe banana" like him.

The duo "consciously uncoupled" after 12 years of marriage in 2013, but he thinks the Oscar-winning actress was "really lovely" to go out with him in the first place.

Chris shared: "Gwyneth and I broke up a long time ago. I know I am in a band that is famous and my private life is famous and it's fine.

"Even when I grew up in a village, people wanted to know who was going to the dance with whom, and I understand, but I think if I engage with it too much it won't be that healthy. That whole period was a real blessing and I'm so grateful for it but you want to keep certain things to yourself.

"But if your job is to release music, you've got to explain it a bit because otherwise it's not fair on your audience who thing they might be buying a carrot and you've actually made a cabbage.

"And Gwyneth and I are really good friends. I think she was really lovely to take a chance on an unripe banana. "