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Chris Martin nourished by music

Chris Martin nourished by music

Chris Martin "doesn't need" to eat because he has music.

The Coldplay frontman has been fasting in a bid to protect his voice but insists he hasn't suffered for it because he is feeling nourished by the group's upcoming new album 'A Head Full of Dreams'.

He said: "I haven't eaten today. I don't need to eat. I've got the power of a new record in me!"

The 38-year-old rocker also spoke of his belief in always "rewarding" buskers because he appreciates their talent so much.

Handing £20 to one street musician, he said: "You've always got to reward a busker. That's one of my commandments.

"Busking is f***ing awesome. Like graffiti. Why don't people like graffiti?"

The 38-year-old singer doesn't worry about his band being criticised as it only drives him on to have more "fun".

He told Q magazine: "It was almost as if the more we went through those things of people saying, 'You're s**t' or whatever, the more we were like, 'F**k it then, let's have as much fun as possible.' "

And the 'Sky Full of Stars' hitmaker attributes the group's success to the "chemistry" between the band members because they are not exceptional musicians.

Discussing the temporary sacking of Will Champion in 1999, he said: "That would have ended it, cos we would have messed up the chemistry.

"In a band where there's no virtuosos, the only thing you have is the chemistry."