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Chris Hemsworth's ghostly belief

Chris Hemsworth's ghostly belief

Chris Hemsworth believes in ghosts.

The 'Thor' hunk is yet to see the spirit of a dead human slip through the walls of his home or have unexplained crockery thrown off his kitchen shelves but that hasn't stopped him from thinking that the spooky phantoms do exist in life.

Speaking to Australia's BW magazine, the 32-year-old actor explained: "I think that most of us ask all sorts of questions about what else is out there. I'd like to think there was an afterlife or reincarnation or something to continue on. If it was 'game over' after this life, that would be upsetting."

Meanwhile, Chris has just finished shooting the new 'Ghostbusters' film, in which he stars as geeky Kevin Beckman, who, at one point, gets taken over by a ghost.

The female-lead film, which hit cinema screens last week, sees Chris showcase his natural Australian accent.

However, the heartthrob - who was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria - has admitted he struggled to let loose with his dialect during filming because he's been so limited when it comes to his vocals in previous international blockbusters.

He said: "It [doing an Australian accent] was [weird] at first. It's funny because [your voice] becomes like another prop. When it's you speaking, and having not done it in a long time, you're very much aware of it. It's in your head more."