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Chris Hemsworth moody after weight loss

Chris Hemsworth moody after weight loss

Chris Hemsworth felt "moody" when he had to lose weight for 'In the Heart of the Sea'.

The 'Thor' star was reduced to a 500-calorie diet ahead of his portrayal of a man stranded at sea in the drama film and admits he found it really tough.

He told Good Morning America: "The gaining is fine, you just eat a lot and you lift weights but that was underfed, which led to a pretty moody existence and inconsistent emotions.

"You play all sorts of games - if I eat this maybe I don't eat that. The insanity is nuts. In order to do it justice, the story, we had to suffer in some way and we did. In other words, not a whole lot of acting was required. We were desperate."

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old actor - who dropped 33 lbs in four weeks for the role - previously admitted he felt like he was going to "pass out" whilst filming for the movie.

He shared: "We felt as if we were going to pass out any second. Looking back, it was essential [to lose the weight] to do the story justice. It was based on true events which inspired Moby Dick to be written. There wasn't a lot of acting required for those last couple of weeks."