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Chris Evans confuses Adele with Beyoncé

Chris Evans confuses Adele with Beyoncé

Chris Evans was left red-faced after he confused Adele with Beyoncé live on air this morning (23.10.15).

The BBC Radio 2 presenter found himself in a bit of a flap when he mixed up the 27-year-old singer with the pop star, 34, while quizzing her on her alter-ego Sasha Fierce.

He asked the blonde beauty - who dropped her new single 'Hello' this morning - during the interview: "Don't you have this kind of alter-ego that you pretend to become?"

Adele shot back with confusion: "No, not really. I chat a lot."

Determined to push her further, Chris, 49, added while appearing to check his notes: "No, I've a name here..."

Realising he'd got her mixed up with the 'XO hitmaker', she asked: "Sasha Fierce?" before he hit back with "Yes!"

Throwing her head back with laughter, Adele was keen to set the record straight and explained: "That's Beyoncé! Sasha Fierce is Beyoncé's alter-ego and she's now Mrs Carter. I wish I was Sasha Fierce."

Feeling embarrassed by his mistake, Chris said: "I don't know how that's crept in. I can only apologise."

Meanwhile, Adele - who has spent four years away from the music industry - recently revealed her long-awaited third studio album '25' will be released on November 20.