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Chloe Sevigny's rat problem

Chloe Sevigny's rat problem

Chloe Sevigny had to move out of her New York neighbourhood because of rats.

The 41-year-old actress has left Manhattan's East Village for Brooklyn and claims she had to move because after Hurricane Sandy hit the Big Apple in 2012, the area she lived in became overrun with rodents.

She said: "I got out, in all honesty, because of rats. After Hurricane Sandy, my street was overrun and I couldn't handle it. The 10th Street Association are going to hate me for saying that. But yes, the rats are all over the East Village, they're in Tompkins Square.

"And I lived on the ground floor with the garden, and I could hear them scratching outside the window and I just couldn't cope. I read they were going to put some sterilisation, some form of birth control, in the poison to manage the population. So they can't reproduce.

"They reproduce at such a crazy rate. They're always screwing. They screw when they're dying. It's shocking to me."

Chloe also revealed she is also unhappy about the gentrification of the neighbourhood, complaining to The Guardian: "The East Village, it's lost. Have you seen Astor Place? Starbucks, Citibank, Kmart, and that's about it. Some of the streets are still holding out - you can still find a few of the old mom-and-pop stores. The avenues? Forget it. They're gone for good."

And it's not just New York that disappoints the actress and model, Chloe is also upset with changes in her hometown of Darien, Connecticut.

She said: "Change freaks me out. The town used to be really charming. Now it's the whole post McMansion thing, and everybody cuts down the trees because they don't want to deal with the leaves. And they floodlight everything, and knock down the colonial homes, and put up these big, ugly, boxy-looking things that are very on trend. Everything used to be wilder and more romantic."