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Chloë Grace Moretz suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder

Chloë Grace Moretz suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder

Chloë Grace Moretz has post-traumatic stress disorder.

The 19-year-old beauty believes she's been mentally scarred by her father's decision to walk out on her and her four siblings six years ago and will never get over it.

She explained: "In my business in general, it's hard to trust people. And it definitely affected me at a young age in terms of accepting people into my life on a personal level. But I've overcome that in the past few years -- dealing with relationships, dealing with guys. You don't realise why you're acting a certain way, and then you start to piece it together, and you realise you've got a slight case of PTSD."

And the blonde beauty is adamant she'll never be willing to patch up her relationship with her dad after he deserted her mother to raise five children as a single parent.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, she added: "I don't think I will truly find a way to forgive. The things that he did are unforgivable ... My forgiveness is that I'm living my life."

Chloë believes her siblings Trevor, Ethan, Brandon and Colin did a fantastic job at protecting her as a youngster.

She said: "My brothers bumped up into the roles of fathers and kept me in a bubble where I could live in a world that wasn't jaded and ruined. They peeled back when I turned 18, but yeah, it's like I have four bodyguards. When a guy comes to the house to pick me up for a date, I enjoy them answering the door, shaking his hand, and then him being like, 'Your brothers are kind of scary.' I'm like, 'They are definitely very scary.' I enjoy the power of that."