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Chloë Grace Moretz: I 'can't handle' a relationship now

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Chloë Grace Moretz: I 'can't handle' a relationship now

Chloë Grace Moretz "can't handle" a relationship right now.

The 'If I Stay' star insists she is currently single but says her ideal boyfriend would be incredibly "adventurous".

She said: "I have no real plans. I don't want anything right now. I can't handle that right now.

"I want to be with someone who's adventurous and wants to go do something. Don't take me to Nobu and get me nigiri. I'm OK. I can take myself to Nobu. I don't need someone to take me to Nobu."

The 19-year-old actress isn't the kind of girl who loves going out partying though and would prefer a laid-back night in with her pals after "living vicariously" through her four brothers.

She added to the new issue of Complex magazine: "I've watched everything happen around me my whole life. I feel like I've lived vicariously through my brothers in a lot of ways.

"I'd much rather have 15 people over to my house and have a fun, laid-back night than go to some party and have some kid vomiting in the corner. Nothing makes me want to do that at all."