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Chelsea Handler won't apologise

Chelsea Handler won't apologise

Chelsea Handler won't apologise for offending people.

The outspoken talk show host insists she is careful to "push boundaries" without being "disrespectful" so never sees the need to say sorry.

She said: "I think if you start apologising, a) you have to apologise every time and b) be smart enough to say something that doesn't warrant an apology.

"You have to be thoughtful about what you're saying. You can push boundaries but you can't be completely disrespectful.

"I just choose not to go down that road [of apologising]. I just won't.

"God forbid I ever say something terrible, maybe I'll change my mind. But in my opinion, as long as I'm OK with it, I'm not going to kow tow to people that are expecting an apology from me. That goes against everything I stand for."

Chelsea thinks her open stance is "enlightening" and she insists a lot of people relate to her.

She told heat magazine: "I feel like it's enlightening to say things that people don't say. I can't tell you how many times girls say, 'Oh my God, we would be best friends. You say or do everything I feel.' "