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Chelsea Handler: We need to stop talking about sexism

Chelsea Handler: We need to stop talking about sexism

Chelsea Handler thinks people need to "stop talking" about sexism and ageism.

Though the 41-year-old star acknowledges that discrimination exists in the world, especially in the entertainment business, she thinks the best way to tackle it is to ignore prejudices and press on as if they were not there.

In an interview with Red magazine, she said: "We need to stop talking about sexism and ageism and keep doing. Every other article is about a woman saying s**t is unfair. Let's stop it and start acting like we belong - and we will, and we do.

"There is ageism, but there are tonnes of actors working who are older. They made a sequel to 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' for f**k's sake - let's focus on that. I hate complaining."

Chelsea took a year off between working on her new Netflix documentary series 'Chelsea Does' and her E! talk show 'Chelsea Lately' coming to an end after eight years.

The blonde beauty - whose famous friends include Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz - spent most of that time in Spain and found her extended break very rejuvenating.

She said: "I bought a house in Spain and behaved like a 75-year-old woman on sabbatical. It was so comforting to take a year off.

"I went, 'This is my life - let's make some interesting decisions rather than just collect my pay cheque.'

"I was just so sick of being in control of everything that happened."