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Chelsea Handler slams Justin Bieber's 'creepy flirting'

Chelsea Handler slams Justin Bieber's 'creepy flirting'

Chelsea Handler has slammed Justin Bieber's "creepy" flirting again.

The 22-year-old singer appeared on 41-year-old Chelsea's E! chat show a number of times but she admitted he made her uncomfortable with his awkward attempts at hitting on her.

Speaking on 'The View', Chelsea said: "I think he was the most uncomfortable guest because he would come on and he was always flirting and he was, like, seven. Flirting is natural but as a young boy I'm like, 'no you're making me feel like a molester!'

"Like stop it! He had that thing where he would try to disarm me or make himself... I don't know. It was creepy when it happened.

"I guess I would have him back. People like Justin Bieber right? I mean I don't really care what Justin Bieber has to say, but yeah."

Chelsea now has a new chat show on Netflix and she is much happier than she was when she presented 'Chelsea Lately'.

She said: "Well it's a lot different. I'll be talking to adults, so I guess I can talk about anything I really want to talk about. I'll have politicians on. So I get to talk about a bevy of things rather than just solely focus on celebrity which is what I did for so long.

"And you know, you want to be able to have a well-rounded conversation and I got to travel all over for the show and I learned a lot and I'm a lot smarter."