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Chelsea Handler made for divorce

Chelsea Handler made for divorce

Chelsea Handler has a "personality for divorce".

The 41-year-old presenter - who previously dated rapper 50 Cent, hotelier Andre Balazs and TV executive Ted Harbert - doesn't believe relationships last forever and she is glad she never married when she was younger.

She said: "If I'd got married in my 30s, I'd be divorced by now because I have a personality for divorce.

"And I don't really want kids. I'm not interested in the myth of 'The One' either.

"Who planted the Prince Charming bulls**t anyway? There is no f***ing Prince Charming.

"It's a romantic notion to think there is a lid for every pot. There are a few lids. You are with someone for a period and then you move on.

"I believe, as you get older, you make better decisions and if I were to get married now, I would trust myself more. I'm not so stupid. I don't ignore the flags."

Chelsea admitted she doesn't have contact with her former lovers, which proved problematic for her 'Chelsea On... Marriage' Netflix show.

She said: "Netflix wanted me to interview all my exes for the marriage doc. I didn't want to do that.

"To start with, none of my ex-boyfriends are speaking to me."

However, the blonde star made contact with her former boyfriend Peter, and now thinks everyone should meet their significant partner from their early 20s as their chat was so enlightening.

She told Red magazine: "Everyone should go and meet their ex-boyfriend from when they were 20 because it turns out I'm exactly the same.

"Peter was telling me I've always been an exercise maniac, I've always drunk more than the guys then woken up and run six miles."