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Charlize Theron: Women's power is in their sexuality

Charlize Theron: Women's power is in their sexuality

Charlize Theron thinks women's power is in their "sexuality".

The 'Huntsman: Winter's War' actress can't understand why the "beauty world" is focused on younger females as they often don't find their "strength" until they are older and more secure in themselves.

She said: "Women find their strength and power in their sexuality, in their sensuality within, through getting older and being secure within that.

"It's ironic that we've built the beauty world around 20 year olds when they have no concept about wisdom, what life is about, having a few relationships under their belt and feeling hardships, to grow into their skin and feel confident within themselves and to feel the value of who they are, not because of a man or because of something like that. And I think that's such a beautiful thing."

And the 40-year-old actress can't understand why men are seen as getting "better" as they age but women are seen to "wilt".

She added to Psychologies: "That's why I think people say women come into their prime in their 40s. And then for some reason our society just wants to go, 'It's like a dead flower' - it's like we wilt for some reason.

"And men are like fine wines - the older they get, the better they get. It's such a misconception, and it's such a lost opportunity because that's when I think women are really in the true moment of their sensuality."