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Charlie Sheen eyes role in British soap opera

Charlie Sheen eyes role in British soap opera

Charlie Sheen is reportedly eyeing a starring role in a British soap opera.

The 50-year-old actor was the highest-paid star on TV during his stint on the US sitcom 'Two and a Half Men', but has revealed he is open to the idea of rebuilding his career on the iconic British soap 'EastEnders'.

The Hollywood star said: "A British soap opera set in London sounds great. I'd love that."

Charlie added, according to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "How can I make it happen?"

Charlie, who spoke out about his HIV diagnosis for the first time in a TV interview last year, has been a source of controversy for years.

The actor has a string of arrests and criminal charges against his name, but could rebuild his flagging career by making a return to prime-time TV.

A source explained: "If anyone knows about drama, it's Charlie.

"His life is just as sensational as any soap. If he wants to be taken seriously as an actor, there's no place better to prove yourself than a soap because it's hard work and emotionally draining."

In the more immediate future, however, Charlie is starring in the movie 'Nine Eleven', which has been adapted from a stage play about the 2001 attacks on New York City.

Meanwhile, Charlie revealed last month that telling the world about his HIV diagnosis was "like being released from prison".

He said: "It was like being released from prison ... and we unearthed the stepping stones to a rubicon of change."