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Charlie Sheen admits smoking weed just days ago

Charlie Sheen admits smoking weed just days ago

Charlie Sheen admits he smoked cannabis just days ago.

The party-loving star is supposed to be on the straight and narrow after his excessive drink and drug taking spiralled out of control and cost him his $1 million per episode job on 'Two and a Half Men' but admitted he had smoked weed just a few days previously.

Speaking to Piers Morgan during 'An Evening With Charlie Sheen', he said: "I don't do well on pot. I smoked pot like a week ago, right. It was just one hit, nobody was there, I was like, 'F**k it, I'm bored.' I called the guy at the gate at like 3am.

"I was like, 'Hey Alex, it's Sheen. Could you come down here for a minute, I just don't wanna be alone right now?' We'd met like once. I brought him down because the pot these days is so god damn strong. I thought I was dying. I didn't want to just pass out alone."

Meanwhile, the 50-year-old actor - who revealed last year that he was HIV positive, having been diagnosed in 2011 - previously admitted he has been celibate for seven months.

He said: "HIV is not the best pick-up line. So it has happened as a result of everybody else and myself having the knowledge, and that's fine. You'd be amazed how much more you can accomplish and how much more you can learn when you're not just trying to have sex. I make jokes about the diagnosis because you have to. Otherwise it's just 'awkward city'.

"[I miss sex] but not to the extent where something is missing. Not to the extent where I'm saying, 'Oh that night could have been so much better.' It's fine. I mean, sex isn't going anywhere. It's still there. And if available, awesome. If not, no big deal. I'll spend more time hanging with my parents, you know?"