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Charlie Doherty evicted from Big Brother house

Charlie Doherty evicted from Big Brother house

Charlie Doherty has been evicted from the 'Big Brother' house.

The 31-year-old contestant blanked her ex-boyfriend Jason Burrill as she exited the famous abode to be greeted by boos from the crowds.

Speaking about Jason after she exited the house, she told host Emma Willis: "I couldn't do it [say goodbye] because I knew I'd break down. I wasn't trying to be cold. I just knew if I saw him ... I couldn't do it. I knew he'd be the only person who'd make me ball ...

"He's a very ignorant, fiery, short-tempered man. I can say that now but I love the guy. I still have love for the man because deep down he is a lovely man. We just can't work as a couple. He is a decent fella."

Meanwhile, Jason has revealed he would love the chance to speak to Charlie in private.

He shared: "It's quite annoying as I want to sit down and have a proper conversation with Charlie about what's gone on in here and the outside world - but I can't. I've wanted to since the day she walked in here.

"We had problems that we can't talk about in here. It's awkward and a pain in the a**e. And everyone keeps putting their two pence in. But we just can't talk about certain things - maybe if we could talk about them we could clear the air a little better. There are certain things that just can't be brought up in here because it's not fair."