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Charli XCX: My house is haunted

Charli XCX: My house is haunted

Charli XCX's house is haunted.

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker has admitted she is "afraid" of being in her home on her own because "a couple of people have confirmed" that there is in fact a ghostly presence there.

Speaking at the KISS Haunted House Party, she said: "I'm afraid of ... I'm afraid, full stop. I get super scared when I'm in my house alone. I'm very, very superstitious."

When asked if she thought her house was haunted, she added: "I try not to put that thought in my head, but a couple of people have confirmed that it is. But I don't want to dwell on it! I'm trying to be positive about the whole thing."

Charli made the admission before she took to the stage at Wembley Arena on Thursday October 27 for the KISS Haunted House Party. She wowed the 12,000 fans who packed into the London venue whilst performers Craig David, Tinie Tempah, Clean Bandit, Sigala, WSTRN and MO also thrilled the crowds.

Meanwhile, Charli recently admitted she has a phobia of zombies.

Asked how she'd deal with a zombie attack, she said: "I'd make sure I was in the second floor of an apartment - then I'd cut off the stairs. I'd make sure I had enough petrol in my car. I'd stockpile raisins that type of s**t. And I'd cover my mouth in case I got infected by zombie blood. You know, the simple things. I'm so good at this!"

And Charli was no doubt working on her fitness when she took to the stage in London as she previously revealed performing is her favourite kind of working out.

She said: "Performing is my favourite workout. I do go pretty hard on stage. The gym is not my scene. I did an Insanity workout on tour for a while. It was hilarious.

"Does pizza-eating count as a sport?! That's good for biceps, surely? Lift and bite! I love sushi, but I also love pizza. Let's just say it's balanced!"