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Charli XCX: Katy Perry is a bra master

Charli XCX: Katy Perry is a bra master

Charli XCX says Katy Perry has a hidden talent - the pop superstar can open a bra through a T-shirt.

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker discovered Katy's tactile skill when the 'Roar' singer unhooked her bra as they hung out backstage when Charli supported Katy on her 'Prismatic World Tour'.

Speaking to Daryl Morris on The Hits radio, she revealed: "Supporting Katy was fun. She made me a chicken salad one day and she undid my bra on the last day through my T-shirt. It was very skilful. We were just talking in the corridor. I thought she was giving me a back massage. I was like, 'This is really nice,' and then she undid my bra. I was, like, 'Oh cool.' "

Charli's friend Rita Ora - whom she collaborated with on the single 'Doing It' - recently got criticised for the cleavage-wearing outfits she wore on 'The Voice' but she wants Rita to keep showing off her beautiful breasts.

Charli said: "She's got great boobs so I'm all for it. I think the female body is wonderful and Rita should definitely celebrate hers."

The 22-year-old musician is now on her own tour and she has a very relaxing routine in the day which she sticks to so she's well rested for her performances.

Charli explained: "Before a show I wake up late, because I'm really lazy. I'll eat breakfast and maybe watch a movie in bed in my tour bus."