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Charli XCX: I don't care if I'm 'cool'

Charli XCX: I don't care if I'm 'cool'

Charli XCX doesn't care about being "cool".

The 'Doing It' hitmaker - who is known for her edgy and eclectic style and collaborations with stars including Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora - insists she isn't concerned with what people think of her and no longer tries to be somebody she's not.

The 22-year-old singer told Paper magazine: "At the end of 2013 [there] was a moment when something clicked and I genuinely and truly stopped worrying what people thought of me.

"For the past couple of years I've been super done with trying to be someone I wasn't, and finding that peace leads to being able to do what you want with conviction. You're not trying to kid yourself along with everyone else.

"I think the best people are the ones who are just as nice and fun. This is really cheesy, but you only have one life - why spend most of it pretending to be cool?"

The brunette beauty also confessed she used to think that being rude made people popular but has quickly learned that's not the case.

She previously said: "When you're growing up I think there's this idea that the coolest people are the ones who are really rude...But I've come to realise that isn't cool."

Charli also isn't interested in following the crowd and recently confessed she felt inspired by the "worst-dressed" pages of magazines

She explained: "I was always more interested in the 'worst dressed' pages and extreme rock 'n' roll makeup rather than what was 'good' technically.

"I do what I feel. It's nice to have one look that you love and is classic and simple, but also to experiment sometimes and go wild."