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Charley Webb bans son from watching Emmerdale

Charley Webb bans son from watching Emmerdale

Charley Webb has banned her son from watching 'Emmerdale' this week.

The 27-year-old actress - who plays Debbie Dingle in the ITV soap - has revealed she's banned her and her co-star and boyfriend Matthew Wolfenden's son Buster from watching this week's disastrous scenes in which a helicopter will crash into Debbie's wedding reception.

She said: "I think that's a bit much to watch, aged five - we'll stick to kids' TV."

However, the blonde beauty - who is expecting her and Matthew's second child - admitted Buster is looking forward to welcoming a brother or sister into the world.

She told The Sun newspaper: "But he is really excited to have a little brother or sister on the way."

Because of her pregnancy, Charley had a stunt double for the dramatic scenes and bosses made sure to keep her bump out of danger when she was covered in rubble.

The soap star explained: "They made me a cage for extra protection. It was fake wood, fake everything.

"You can move and there were times when I just had to get up. The floor was so hard. We started off with a mat, but then it was in shot. So I said they could move it but regretted that because I was just lying on stone.

"But it was the easiest scene, because I just had to lie there like I was dead."

Meanwhile, Charley has also teased that her character may not survive her wedding day.

Asked if it's true Debbie's life may be in grave danger, she told the Daily Star newspaper: "Yes, that's correct. Who knows if she gets out of there alive?"