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Channing Tatum's daughter's visits to Magic Mike set

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Channing Tatum's daughter's visits to Magic Mike set

Channing Tatum's daughter was there for the "most part" of 'Magic Mike' filming.

The 35-year-old star has revealed his two-year-old daughter Everly - who he has with wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum - made regular visits to the set of the movie, in which he stars as a stripper.

He said: "Everly was there the whole time, for the most part. She didn't come to the finale. She didn't come to Jay's club or anything like that, but she's seen the dancing."

And the actor has admitted he has no control if the little girl wants to watch the film in the future but joked that it paid for her "therapy fund".

He added: "I can't stop her from seeing it. By the time she gets old enough, it'll just be projected in holograms everywhere.

"I have a college fund, and I have a therapy fund. It'll be fine. I'm just raising her inside of the strip club, basically."

Channing also revealed his wife had a big part in the film, admitting it was a "family affair".

Speaking to Access Hollywood, when asked which parts dancer Jenna contributed to, he said: "All of it. I mean that, sincerely. Especially the finale.

"It was pretty much a family effort. A family affair."