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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum don't have sex after an argument

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum don't have sex after an argument

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum don't have sex after an argument.

The 36-year-old 'Magic Mike' actor has admitted him and his wife don't "hate f**k" each other, and try to solve any issues they have with one another before getting hot under the bed sheets.

Speaking openly about his love life to Cosmopolitan magazine, the American actor and heartthrob said: "Me and sex are friends. We're animals. It's not a means. It's something that enriches your life ... it's one of the clearest ways that we communicate, it boils things down to a very primal level.

"That's how we know there's something we have to talk about, that we have to solve ... whatever's between us energetically, before we can sort of get down.

"For lack of a better term, we don't hate-f**k each other. That's just not what we do."

And the couple - who married in 2009 and have daughter Everly, three, together - like to change up their intimate routine every now and again.

The father-of-one explained: "We truly have all different kinds of sex. Sometimes it's, 'Look, you've got to get this done, I've got to go to work.' And that's a real thing. To me, that's us being completely open ... then you have full-on, just completely, totally connected, otherworldly connections."

Meanwhile, 'Me Before You' actress Emilia Clarke has admitted she is envious of the couple's relationship and wants to be a part of their romance.

Speaking previously, Emilia confessed: "I was at a Golden Globes after party and Channing F***ing Tatum came up to me, and his stunning missus, Jenna ... And I was like 'I cannot contain this. Please, can we all have something sexual together? You're both beautiful, even just a hug'."

But Jenna is not surprised by Emilia's reaction.

Speaking about her husband, the 35-year-old brunette beauty said: "I think he's the sexiest thing in the world, so of course I get why other people think it. It's always fun and we laugh about it."