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CBB's Farrah and Jenna blast Natasha

ShowbizBy Sunday World
CBB's Farrah and Jenna blast Natasha

'Celebrity Big Brother's Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson have lashed out at Natasha Hamilton for having four children by four different men.

The porn stars - who took part in a fake eviction on Friday (11.09.15) which saw them moved to a luxury bunker to spy on their fellow housemates - blasted the Atomic Kitten singer after she said she was relieved that they had left.

When Natasha told fellow contestant, 'The Apprentice' star James Hill, that "I feel like I've had so much weight lifted off my shoulders," the duo were outraged and furiously lashed out.

Jenna fumed: "Go have another baby by another man... She's an alcoholic" while Farrah added: "She's an alcoholic, a manipulator and a w***e."

Natasha, has sons Josh, 13, with Fran Cosgrave, Harry, 10, with dancer Gavin Hatcher, five-year-old Alfie with Riad Erraji and daughter Ella Rose, who will turn one on September 22, with Five singer Richie Neville.

Natasha and Farrah famously had a huge row on the first night of the show, with Natasha telling housemates it baffled her.

She said: "I would never just judge someone within 20 minutes [of meeting them] and Farrah did that with me.She just went at me full steam. I made efforts with her.

"Not one time did she ever give me a chance. I kept trying until that one night I snapped. Farrah [was] screaming in [my] face calling obscenities."

Speaking from her secret bunker, Jenna vowed: "Karma's a bitch. We will bring the hammer of justice down."