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Catherine Tate wants to tour as Nan

ShowbizBy Sunday World
Catherine Tate wants to tour as Nan

Catherine Tate is considering doing her first live tour as her character Nan.

The comedian-and-actress is thinking about doing a set of dates playing the foul-mouthed pensioner from her comedy series 'The Catherine Tate Show'.

Asked the episode of 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' airing on Channel 4 tonight (16.10.15) if she'd take Nan on tour, she said: "I'd like to actually. I am thinking of doing a live show of Nan and sort of bringing back some of the characters, probably in the spring I'd like to do that. "

Quizzed by Alan if that is an "exclusive" reveal, she replied: "Well it is because I've never really said it out loud. No it is. I'd like to do it. I've never been on tour. It must be great. Is it great? Doing it live?"

The British funnyman then asked if she'd take Nan to arenas, but Catherine would like to do "intimate" shows.

Catherine added: "I don't know. Would a sketch show work in an arena? I don't know. Should I go somewhere smaller? More intimate. I'd like to do it. "

The other guests on tonight's 'Chatty Man' - which airs at 10pm on Channel 4 - are Adam Lambert, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, while Roisin Murphy performs.