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Cate Blanchett: My sexual persuasion is of no relevance

Cate Blanchett: My sexual persuasion is of no relevance

Cate Blanchett is more than a little frustrated over rumours about her sexuality.

The 46-year-old actress is happily married to Andrew Upton, with whom she has three children. However, as she promoted her new movie 'Carol', in which she has a sexual encounter with Rooney Mara, earlier this year, Cate was quoted as saying she had enjoyed relationships with women "many times".

Since the interview with Variety magazine was published, Cate has been questioned incessantly about her inclinations, and insisted in a new chat on Friday (18.12.15) that she should be allowed to keep her preferences private.

She told Australia's 7.30 programme: "It really is of no relevance what my sexual persuasion is."

Cate continued to insist the media storm that had been caused by her original comments was "really silly".

She added it's ridiculous to assume she couldn't play a homosexual character if she herself was straight.

Cate explained: "What's been interesting about talking about the film to the media is that people are still interested whether can you play a gay character without being gay? It still somehow has to be one's sexuality if it's seen to be outside the mainstream, which same-sex relationships still are seen to be, I think.

"You still have to answer to that. But yet I think the power when people actually see the film and forget all of that stuff is that falling in love is falling in love."

In 'Carol', Cate stars as the title character, who becomes involved in a relationship with Rooney's character Therese.

The movie has wowed critics and is expected to sweep the board during next year's awards season.

Both Cate and Rooney, as well as the film itself, have been nominated for Golden Globe awards at the 2016 ceremony.