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Carrie Fisher praises Daisy Ridley

Carrie Fisher praises Daisy Ridley

Carrie Fisher thinks Daisy Ridley "carries" 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

The 59-year-old actress - who reprises her role as Princess Leia in the seventh installment of the sci-fi series - was very impressed by the 23-year-old newcomer, both on and off screen.

Discussing Daisy being the same age she was when the original 'Star Wars' movie was released in 1977, she said: "She isn't she's four years older than I was! But she's fantastic, she carries the whole film. She's a wonderful actress."

She jokingly added: "But she's an awful person and has some rather bad habits. It's not true, but it could be!"

Carrie attended the European premiere of the film with her dog Gary - who got to meet new droid BB-8 on the red carpet - and they were both very happy to be there.

Speaking at the event in London's Leicester Square on Wednesday (16.12.15) evening, she said: "It's been relaxing, there's a lot of people, and I have Gary with me. It's five stars for the dog.

"I get to speak a lot of people who are interested in this film. It was fun film, I'm here and I'm just going to do my thing."

The veteran actress was approached to return to the saga alongside her co-stars Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.

Asked how she found out about the film, she said: "On Twitter! No, not really. They got us together and told us to go into a room - me, Mark and the old gang - and told us they wanted our old asses on the set, make that older buttocks!"