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Carrie Fisher feels 'bad' for Harrison Ford

Carrie Fisher feels 'bad' for Harrison Ford

Carrie Fisher feels "really bad" for drawing attention to Harrison Ford by exposing their affair.

The 'Star Wars' actress recently revealed in her book, 'The Princess Diarist', that she and her co-star indulged in an "intense" three-month relationship in 1976, and now admits she was "surprised" how big the story has become and is sorry for putting his private life into the limelight.

She said: "He's incredibly private. I feel really bad doing that to him.

"I'm surprised at the reaction. I don't think it [the affair] is that surprising.

"A lot of fans did think about it for a while and they made up 'Carrison' as a word and [asked], 'Is Carrison real?' So that was going on for a while."

The 60-year-old star recalled details of her younger years in her old diaries but has admitted she felt "sad" reading them because she was "so insecure" as a teen.

She said: "I forgot that I'd written them [the diaries], and I've never written diaries sort of 'like that'

I write when I'm upset. So, I was upset. It was about two months or three months of upset.

"It was sad because I was so insecure and it's very raw. Obviously I didn't expect anyone, including myself I suppose, to read it."

Carrie also admitted she felt guilty aged 19 when she and Harrison indulged in an affair because that was not the sort of thing she had been brought up to do.

Speaking on 'The Today Show' in the US, she added: "I wasn't raised that way. But when you're on location, this is something I discovered, everything is permitted."

Carrie has claimed she and Harrison had "friendly feelings and wonderful sex", but doesn't reveal too many intimate details in her book, insisting the act of getting jiggy with it is "private".

She wrote: "How could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me? ... The fact is that he was!

"Sex is private. So it is with uncharacteristic reservation and scruples that I quash any details."