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Carrie Fisher dresses as herself

Carrie Fisher dresses as herself

Carrie Fisher dresses up as herself for Halloween.

The 59-year-old actress - who has daughter Billie, 23, with ex-partner Bryan Lourd - is best known for portraying Princess Leia in the 'Star Wars' franchise, a role she first played in 1977, so whenever she has a fancy dress occasion, she just dons her alter ego's famous double-bun hairstyle, even if it makes her look "insane".

Discussing her future plans, she said: "I'm going to read Shakespeare's sonnets and put that hair on, which I do when I'm alone. I look insane, but come on.

"My daughter has the robe of Princess Leia that someone accidentally gave her and I've put that on and looked idiotic.

"Halloween is a great night for me because I don't have to wear a costume, I'm just her."

Carrie returned to her iconic role in last year's 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and claims she "wept" when she first saw herself on screen and realised how much she had aged since the first film in the franchise.

According to Vulture, she told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival: "I wept! Here I go, 'Star Wars'; 'Star Wars'; big picture of me; very, very pretty; don't know it; don't know it; don't do a lot of work after that, but still enough so that I'm not looking bad; not good, don't like it, but still it's not a lot; to this.

"Meryl Streep said to me, 'I've watched myself in film three times a year in different outfits. You're gone from metal bikini to 58 years old.' So that was not easy."

And the veteran actress hinted she wasn't very impressed with 'Episode VII', which was directed by J.J. Abrams.

Asked her thoughts on the movie, she said: "I thought J.J. did as good of a job as he could with the material he was given."