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Caroline Aherne died alone

Caroline Aherne died alone

Caroline Aherne died alone.

The 52-year-old actress and writer passed away at her home in Timperley, Cheshire on Saturday (02.07.16) following a battle with cancer but Caroline was on her own when she died as her family did not realise how badly her condition had deteriorated.

A relative told the Daily Mirror: "It was too quick, we didn't expect her to go. She wasn't in a hospice. She was just at home. She left on her own."

Caroline was known for her work in 'The Royle Family', 'The Mrs Merton Show' and 'The Fast Show' and most recently, she narrated the Channel 4 reality TV series 'Gogglebox'.

Caroline and her brother Patrick were both born with retina cancer and she later suffered from the disease in her bladder and her lungs. She was forced to take time out from 'Gogglebox' to fight cancer but returned to the show earlier this year.

Speaking in 2014, she said: "My brother and I were born with cancer of the eyes, the retina, my mum told us only special people get cancer. I must be very special because I have had it in my lungs and bladder as well."

Caroline's brother Patrick said in a statement: "My heart is broken as I loved her so much. But she is now in a better place and most of all she has no pain.

"I have lost a beautiful sister and the world has lost an amazing talent.

"I know Caroline would want everybody to be happy and not sad and I think we should now remember the comedy legacy that she has left for us. RIP Caroline."