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Carol Vorderman proud of big bum

Carol Vorderman proud of big bum

Carol Vorderman likes representing "big-bummed girls".

The 54-year-old star - who has bagged the title 'Rear of the Year' twice and can balance a pint on her derriere - says that she has put weight on but is proud to be able to represent curvaceous women even though she is in her 50s.

She said: "When I was 39 I was wearing a mini-dress to the BAFTAs and people were like, '39 and wearing something above the knee!' I was astonished by the reaction but you wouldn't get that now.

"I've put on a lot of weight recently because I haven't been doing my walking. For me, I've found in my 50s that you do put on weight much easier."

The brainy presenter - whose looks have been compared to those of reality star Kim Kardashian - revealed that she is now working out every day in order to keep in shape.

She told Mirror Celeb: "I feel I've piled it on and gone up about half a dress size, it makes things a lot tighter. I do still train with someone about three times a week for about 45 minutes.

"I could walk for two hours a day very happily by myself but it's finding the time to do it. I was doing it earlier this year and had a Garmin wristband. When I was in America I was doing about seven miles a day but then I lost the band. Suddenly you're not doing as much."