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Cara Delevingne treasures musical gift

Cara Delevingne treasures musical gift

Cara Delevingne's best-ever Christmas gift was a guitar.

The model-and-actress will always treasure the customised instrument she received from her family a few years ago.

Asked her best gift, she said: "My family got me a customised guitar a few years ago, it was really special."

The 23-year-old beauty "tries" to spend every festive season with her relatives and they always enjoy tucking into a traditional feast.

She said: "I love a turkey roast."

The 'Paper Towns' star - who is dating singer St. Vincent aka Annie Clarke - recently revealed she starts every day by doing some writing as it makes her feel less "crazy".

She said: "I wake up and write three pages of anything.

"It's good to release a lot and somewhere in those pages, you'll find a song or an idea.

"I start being like, I don't know what to write' and then I start writing and stuff like a character idea comes out.

"You feel a lot less crazy after. It can be a bit hard to do sometimes though."