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Candice Brown wins The Great British Bake Off

Candice Brown wins The Great British Bake Off

Candice Brown has won 'The Great British Bake Off'.

The sports teacher triumphed in the gripping final of the BBC One show, beating Jane Beedle and Andrew Smyth to the crown.

Speaking after her win, she said: "Never ever did I think I'd ever even get on this and I'm standing here now with [the trophy]. And they said my name. And that means more to me than anyone will ever ever realise. It really really does ...

"I wished and I hoped it [the bake] was OK but you just don't know. Jane and Andrew are so good. They're so good ... I'm good enough. I don't know what to say but thank you. What an opportunity."

Judge Mary Berry praised Candice's "determination and passion" whilst Paul Hollywood dubbed her as "one of the best".

Mary said: "Her determination and passion, she really has excelled. [Her bakes] had wonderful flavours and everything always looked gorgeous."

Whilst Paul added: "If you look back on some of her bakes, they're beautiful. She nailed it and she's one of the best."

Whilst Andrew was "a little disappointed" to miss out on the crown, he praised Candice's consistency.

Speaking after the result was revealed, he shared: "Candice has been fantastic throughout. I'm chuffed for her. Of course, I'm a little disappointed but actually, to be able to walk out there at the end and to see everyone, it was really special."

Meanwhile, Jane had nothing but kind words for Candice, quipping she had predicted the teacher would win the series from the beginning.

Jane said: "The best baker today won. I'm really happy for her. Week after week, Candice has got better and better. I predicted it! It's my first prediction of the series that has gone through ... She has done so well. She's an absolute star."

The finale saw the three contestants begin by creating beautiful meringue crowns. Whilst Candice and Jane impressed, Andrew's effort fell short of Paul and Mary's expectations.

However, in the technical challenge - where the hopefuls were asked to deliver the perfect Victoria Sandwich - it was Andrew who wowed Mary and Paul with his version of the classic cake.

And this year's competition featured the biggest showstopper of them all, with the bakers tasked with creating 49 individual baked goods including a chocolate cake, sausage rolls, savoury scones, mini quiches and fruit tarts.