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Cameron Douglas is 'doing amazing'

Cameron Douglas is 'doing amazing'

Cameron Douglas is "doing amazing" since being released from prison.

The 37-year-old actor - who is the son of Michael Douglas and his ex-wife Diandra - was released from jail last month after almost seven years behind bars for drug offences but is determined to make the most of his life now he's out.

His friend Noel Ashman said: "He's doing great, he's really doing amazing actually. He's working out every day, he's got a great attitude. I think he's doing as good as anyone could imagine."

Cameron is currently living in a halfway house in New York as part of his probation, where he is subject to a number of rules, including a ban on smartphones, only using computers for job searches, only being allowed to leave for 12 hours a day and agreeing to a Breathalyser when he returns.

Noel added: "For a lot of us it might be tough. But for him, he's incredibly grateful. He's just very happy to be out [of prison] and to be doing things he loves and with people he loves - he's very happy overall."

Noel also says that Cameron is a lot more focused with what he wants to do and knows he can never fall back into his old ways.

He told People magazine: "He's the same guy but I think he's a lot more serious and a lot more focused in a way he never has been. My opinion is that when you lose time like that, you don't take it for granted anymore. And I think he wants to make every moment count.

"His attitude is very different than it used to be, he's committed to staying clean and sober. It's something he takes very seriously. I think he knows he made some big mistakes and he wants to make sure he never repeats them again."

Cameron was sentenced to five years in jail for possession of heroin and selling methamphetamine in 2010 but had his sentence extended after confessing to smuggling drugs into prison. He spent two years in solitary confinement at Maryland's Cumberland Federal Corrections Institute.