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Cameron Diaz learnt bad stuff since marriage

Cameron Diaz learnt bad stuff since marriage

Cameron Diaz has learned things about herself she doesn't like since getting married.

The 43-year-old actress may have only tied the knot with her beau Benji Madden 16 months ago but she's already started to realise stuff - both positive and negative - about herself that she's never noticed before.

She explained: "Someone asked me, 'What's your favourite thing about being married?' and I said, 'I just learned so much about myself. I didn't know these things. I would have never known them if I didn't have my husband to help me.'

"And they said, 'What's the worst thing about being married?' It's like, 'Well, I learned all these things about myself that I wish I didn't know. And I wouldn't have learned them if I didn't get married.' So it's like this double-edged sword."

But, despite the fact she's had to face up to some disturbing truths since standing before the altar, the blonde beauty doesn't have any regrets about walking down the aisle and believes her life is a lot better now she's a spouse.

She said: "I'm just so grateful for it because I couldn't do it without my husband, and I couldn't do it with anybody else except him."

And, although they may still be in the honeymoon period of their marriage, Cameron has already started coming up with lazy nicknames for Benji, 37.

Speaking on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show', she said: "I call him a lot of names.'My Buh.' You know things start with 'baby' then it goes to 'bae' and then it goes all the way down to like 'buh' and soon I'm just going to go 'ugh' and he's going to know that I'm talking to him."