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Caitlyn Jenner: Kris is very powerful

Caitlyn Jenner: Kris is very powerful

Caitlyn Jenner thinks Kris Jenner is a "very powerful" woman.

The 'I Am Cait' star - who was known as Bruce Jenner before her transition - believes her ex-wife disproves the myth that females are the weaker sex.

She asked her friends: "To each person in this room who's had to work very very hard to be the woman that they are, what does it mean to you to be a woman?"

Zackary Drucker replied: "You know I think for me being a woman is being powerful and being aware of your power."

This prompted the former Olympian to muse: "OK that's an interesting question from my standpoint you know why?

"Because a lot of people don't understand, 'Why would you ever transition from the strong, powerful person that a male is into a weak female.' Now that's the people's perspective, OK I don't believe that. I mean I've watched Kris, who's a very powerful woman, and she knew how to play the game."

Elsewhere on last night's (13.03.16) episode of 'I Am Cait', the 66-year-old star admitted a "bit of old Bruce" comes out in her when she gets involved in "passionate" arguments.

After an argument about politics, she was confronted by her friends about her explosive outburst against Hillary Clinton, and admitted she had gotten too "excited".

She said: "I disagree and I get a little bit excited when I disagree. Sometimes I get very passionate about it, and the old Bruce comes in."

Caitlyn eventually agreed to be more level-headed and admitted to the camera she can get "very aggressive" about politics and is working on the "feminine side" of her listening skills.