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Caitlyn Jenner cried for Bruce

Caitlyn Jenner cried for Bruce

Caitlyn Jenner "cried a little bit" about officially changing her name.

The former Olympian - who was known as Bruce before her gender transition - was "excited" to unveil her new identity but also felt sad about saying goodbye to the "good guy" she used to be.

She said: "Yesterday was significant, because my name and gender change came through. Holy c**p.

"Here we are --honestly never knowing if this day would ever come. In some ways, it's a little sad.

"Bruce was a good guy, did a lot of good things, raised a tremendous family and wonderful kids. But I just couldn't play that game any longer.

"I actually cried a little bit about it. I was on the golf course, off playing by myself. It was very exciting, but such a head trip."

Despite her sadness, the 66-year-old reality star feels "terribly excited" about the future because she finally feels she has found her place in life.

Speaking to the new issue of Out magazine - which has honoured her with the title Newsmaker of the Year in its annual Out100 list - she said: "I always thought that I want to wake up in the morning excited about the day, excited that I have things to do, things to accomplish, things to learn.

"I want to be excited about life always. For the longest time, I was not. I isolated myself from the world. I never felt like I fit in anywhere. Today that's all changed. I'm so terribly excited about the future. I have so many things to do. I feel like I have a place in life."

And Caitlyn admitted she had never met another transgender person until she started filming her reality show 'I Am Cait'.

She said: "I've never, ever been able to talk to anybody. I didn't meet my first trans person until I did the show.

"The only connection I had was watching YouTube videos. And during the '70s and '80s, and even through the '90s, there wasn't any of that."