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Caitlyn Jenner being a 'good mom' to Kim Kardashian West

Caitlyn Jenner being a 'good mom' to Kim Kardashian West

Caitlyn Jenner is trying to be a "good mom" to Kim Kardashian West following her terrifying ordeal at the hands of armed robbers.

The 36-year-old reality star was left terrified earlier this month when she was tied up and robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment, but she is receiving support from her stepparent - who was known as Bruce when married to her mother Kris Jenner - as she tries to recover from the "traumatic experience".

Caitlyn's friend Candis Cayne told reporters at the TransNation Festival 15th Annual Queen USA Transgender beauty pageant in Los Angeles: "No one should go through that. And no one should ever be questioned about going through that. And it was a traumatic experience.

"I asked Cait how she was doing. She said she's doing OK, and you know she's getting through it, you know? It's horrifying."

Candis thinks Kim's ordeal would have been a "terrifying" experience for anyone.

She added: "A lot of people just think about the Kardashian family is like these people that are just in make-believe land, but if you imagined yourself in that situation, sitting in a room, and having that happen to you, it's terrifying."

Kim and Caitlyn's closeness previously upset Kris, as recently-released clips from 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' showed the showbiz matriarch brand her daughter "traitor" for helping her former spouse with her outfit for the ESPY Awards.

Kris ranted: "Kim, you are a f***ing traitor. That you would have the nerve to go to help Caitlyn to pick a gown - like, what is going on?"

While her daughter tried to defend herself, explaining Caitlyn had had a "fashion emergency" and that as far as she knew, things were "all good" between the former couple.

Kris replied: "That's what you don't get! I don't say anything to you until I feel abandoned. And right now, I'm feeling abandoned."

But the brunette beauty insisted: "Mom, I would never abandon you. If I even knew that you really thought..."

She was cut off by her mother, who said: "But you abandoned me! You've taken somebody else and said, 'OK her feelings don't matter.' "

Kim insisted she didn't think her mother "would care" and, in a bid to calm the situation, promised that in future she would "try to stay neutral and not get involved."

However, her words didn't go down well and Kris burst into tears, insisting she needed Kim's "loyalty".

She said through her tears: "I don't want you to be neutral. From my children I gave birth to, I want loyalty.

"I don't want f***ing neutral. Neutral isn't what I signed up for. That's what you don't get.

"I'm trying to be as understanding as I can. I'm betrayed. I've been f***ed over on so many levels that your head would spin."