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Caitlyn Jenner advised by Patricia Field

Caitlyn Jenner advised by Patricia Field

Caitlyn Jenner is working closely with Patricia Field.

The 65-year-old reality star - who was known as Bruce Jenner before her transition - has been consulting with the 'Sex and the City' stylist and the 74-year-old fashion guru is even expected to feature in the former Olympian's new docuseries 'I Am Cait'.

A source said: "Caitlyn's transformation has been carefully planned, and she's been consulting various stylists since before her Vanity Fair shoot.

"Patricia has helped with a couple of outfits.

"Caitlyn's attitude has always been that if she's going to do it, she's going to do it properly."

As well as Patricia, Caitlyn has also been taking style advise from the Kardashian family's long-term stylist Monica Rose, Jenke Ahmed Tailly, who works with Kim Kardashian West, her husband Kanye West, and singer Beyonce, and Christina Pacelli, who helps dress transgender actress Laverne Cox.

The source said: "Caitlyn loves the way Laverne and Christina collaborate on a look.

"She's been consulting with a variety of stylists as she finds her fashion feet, and Hollywood's top people have been clamouring to get her on their books."

Though 'I Am Cait' will focus on Caitlyn's journey and the impact it has had on her loved ones, she is also keen for her fashion evolution and new wardrobe to play a big part on the show.

The source told Britain's Grazia magazine: "Caitlyn wants to show the fun side of her journey as well as covering some more serious ground.

"She waited 65 years to get dressed up, now she intends to enjoy it."