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Busted's weird fanmail

Busted's weird fanmail

Busted's Charlie Simpson was once sent pubic hair by a fan.

The 'What I Go To School For' hitmaker was less than impressed with the grim gift he was received from one of his loyal supporters.

He said: "I got sent pubic hair taped to a card, which was just bizarre. As if I was going to open it and think, 'You've found a way to my heart.'"

The band - which also includes James Bourne and Matt Willis - first rose to fame in the early noughties when social media didn't exist but they like that sites such as Facebook and Twitter have brought them closer to their fans.

They said: "None of that was around when we first started out, YouTube, Facebook ... [Now] it's a completely different environment to be a musician in.

"There's so many great elements to it - you get to be much closer to your fans. But I think there's more pressure as well, because you always have to be watching that you don't say something stupid."

However, the group admit there is one thing they regret from the noughties - their haircuts.

James said: "I really regret my haircuts."

Whilst Matt added: "I would like to second that, I've had some shockers in my time. Why did [I] think that looking like a skunk was a good idea?"

Meanwhile, the 'Year 3000' hitmakers think they would be rejected if they ever appeared on a talent show like 'The X Factor' nowadays.

Speaking to BUILD Series LDN, Matt shared: "I think that if I auditioned for the X Factor, I wouldn't get through the first round. I think they would laugh in my face and send me out of the room.

"I think there is a ton of kids in this country just like that, who wouldn't get through the first round, that would have a huge career in the music business if they went down a different road."