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Busted helping fans reunite with lost loved ones

Busted helping fans reunite with lost loved ones

Busted want to help fans reunite with loved ones they've fallen out with.

The 'Year 3000' hitmakers announced they were getting back together for a new album and tour earlier this month when singer Charlie Simpson rejoined the group 10 years after quitting.

The trio have been inspired by their reconciliation and now want to help estranged families and friends to do the same.

They said: "Christmas is coming, it's a time to celebrate and get together with loved ones. So, in the festive spirit, we want you to reunite with someone you've had an argument with or lost touch with. If we can make up and get back together ... so can you!!"

Bandmates Matt Willis, James Bourne and Charlie have launched a website titled Meet You There and are offering to help people rekindle with loved ones as well as appear alongside them in what could be their first new music video in over 10 years.

They continued: "If there's someone you'd like us to reach out to and reconcile with, or someone you want to say sorry to, share your story below by Friday 27th November. We'll choose some of your submissions, and do our best to make it happen. And if making up with an old friend or partner isn't enough, you'll also both get to star in a video with us.

"Note: Do not contact the person you want to meet! We will contact them on your behalf. Don't want to spoil the surprise..."

The form includes a section where applicants must explain why they're no longer in touch with the person they hope to be reunited with.

The 'What I Go To School For' singers have also taken to their Twitter accounts in a bid to find possible applicants.

Visit to apply to be part of Busted's project.