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Bryan Cranston never expected Oscar recognition

Bryan Cranston never expected Oscar recognition

Bryan Cranston never imagined he'd be nominated for an Oscar.

The 59-year-old actor - whose performance in 'Trumbo' has seen him shortlisted for the Best Actor prize at the upcoming Academy Awards - witnessed his father, Joseph Louis 'Joe' Cranston, struggling to make a living in showbusiness and admits he "was not raised" with the notion his profession would give him such recognition.

He said: "I was not raised with the idea that you could achieve that.

"My dad was an actor, and he made his living getting a job here, getting a job there, sometimes doing fairly well and other times, not so well."

Joe was never able to take his career to the next level and felt frustrated by the lack of recognition he craved.

Speaking to Robin Roberts for ABC News special 'Journey to the Oscars', he added: "I think that his ego was inflated to the point where he felt that was what was important."

Meanwhile, the 'Breaking Bad' actor was left feeling he was an "enormous failure" after his first stage performance.

Bryan was appearing in his elementary school play when he muddled up a line about the White House, calling the presidential base "the White Front" - a local grocery chain - instead, sparking laughter from the audience.

He recalled: "Everyone was laughing and I thought it was an enormous failure."