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Bruce Willis: I was 'already in love' with my wife the moment I met her

Bruce Willis: I was 'already in love' with my wife the moment I met her

Bruce Willis was "already in love" with his wife the moment he met her.

The 'Die Hard' star has gushed about the moment he first laid eyes on his now-wife Emma Heming Willis in a joint interview with the 38-year-old model.

She said: "When we first met, I was surprised at how charming and how funny he was - and extremely handsome. That was my first thought of you."

To which he added: "I was already in love with her."

And the 61-year-old actor - who has Mabel Ray, four, and Evelyn Penn, two, with the Hollywood star - finds it "much more fun" to hang out with his children rather than go to work.

Speaking on ABC's People's List, he shared: "I think eating food and playing with my kids is my job these days. I forget that I have a job from time to time. It's much more fun to hang out with the kids."

Whilst Emma added: "I just feel like there's something about becoming a mother - you know, your maternal instincts kick in. It's not really just for your own kids, but for me it's been for other kids."

Meanwhile, Emma previously admitted the couple find it difficult to balance their careers and family life but always "make it work".

She said: "We're very busy around here. It's definitely a balancing act. I have a blog so I work from home. There's other stuff that I'm doing, but I try and base everything from our house. My husband's the same. When he's not working, we're home.

"We're basically a stay-at-home family with the exception that we have to go into the city sometimes and do meetings and this, that and the other. So it's a juggling act for the most part, but you just do it. You just make it work."