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Britney Spears fled unisex steam room

Britney Spears fled unisex steam room

Britney Spears fled a gym's steam room after walking in and finding "four men" soothing their bodies.

The 'Make Me' hitmaker took a trip to a 24 Hour Fitness centre for a swim and after she had exercised she decided to recuperate in the high-humidity room.

However, the pop megastar didn't realise the steam room was unisex and was so shocked to find guys relaxing amidst the hot temperatures she ran out in embarrassment.

In an interview with Scott Mills on UK station BBC Radio 1, she shared: "I went to a pool the other day. A 24 Hour Fitness and I went to go swim and I usually go to the steam room and there was like four men in the steam room and I was like, 'No! I've got to get out of here! This is so weird.' Usually steam rooms are just for women or just for men. They're on their own and I was really shocked so I had to turn around."

Britney is spending a few days in London following her concert at the Apple Music Festival on Tuesday (27.09.16).

The 34-year-old singer recreated her critically acclaimed Las Vegas residency show, 'Piece of Me', at The Roundhouse performing a 90-minute set filled with her greatest hits and tracks from her new album 'Glory'.

Britney underwent multiple costume changes for the show and has revealed she has a team backstage that strip and dress her as fast as possible to keep the show going and she has no problem getting naked in front of them.

She explained: "I'm a pro now. I have a team of people around me and I just kind of stand there. We were actually a little slow last night considering what we usually do. But there was a couple of times where I came on just as I was singing. It was really kind of scary. We have four rooms - there's a room for the guys, the room for the girls, one for me and there's a tech room so everyone has their own little glitches. [I have my family with me to help] and sometimes I accidentally hit them in the face. You don't apologise, you just keep going. I'm just like, 'I'm a beautiful mess right now!' "