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Brie Larson: Oscar buzz is 'removed' from my reality

Brie Larson: Oscar buzz is 'removed' from my reality

Brie Larson thinks Oscar buzz is "so far removed" from her reality.

The 'Room' star has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards including a Golden Globe but doesn't think there's any point worrying about winning it as she has likened it to planning a wedding without a boyfriend.

She shared: "It seems so far removed from my reality. Even talking about it feels like planning your dream wedding when you don't have a boyfriend; there's just no point.

"I'm so thrilled that the movie is resonating with [audiences], and that is honestly all I could ever have hoped for."

And whilst the 26-year-old beauty would love to win an award, she believes it is far more important that the film she makes "connects with people" rather than rakes in the trophies.

She added: "As I've got older, I've realised that there isn't anything inside of me that isn't what somebody else feels too. And what excites me is to make things that connect with people."

In her personal life, Brie insists she only surrounds herself with people who are "gypsies" like her.

Of her close friends and boyfriend Alex Greenwald, she told The Telegraph's Stella magazine: "I don't really have any people in my life who aren't gypsies. There isn't anyone in my life who is going to get upset about how much travelling I have to do, or whether or not I'm available for drinks that night."