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Brie Larson: 'I thought I'd pee my pants during Oscars speech'

Brie Larson: 'I thought I'd pee my pants during Oscars speech'

Actress Brie Larson's "weird out-of-body experience" after winning an Oscar made her feel as if she would spontaneously urinate.

The 26-year-old won the Best Actress trophy at the 88th Academy Awards Sunday night (28Feb16) for her work in Room. Luckily her "fairy godmother" Eddie Redmayne, who presented her with the prize and sat in the seat next to her during the ceremony, provided Brie with solid advice before she headed to the stage to collect the accolade.

"He told me, 'You're going to be fine until they call me to come up and present and once that happens, you're going to like need some (adult diapers) Depends.' It's totally true," she recalled while appearing on U.S. morning talk programme Live! with Kelly and Michael Monday (29Feb16). "They (event producers) very slyly pulled him away and I was like 'Oh no' … It was like, 'Is this going to happen again?' When he called my name, it's a weird out-of-body experience."

Brie forgot everything that happened after she arrived onstage to scoop up the Best Actress Oscar - the entire moment was a huge blur from start to finish.

"I don't know what I said at all," she confessed. "I hope I thanked people."

The excitement left Brie exhausted at the end of the night and although many of her peers decided to paint the town red at lavish Oscar afterparties, she preferred to hop into bed.

"I did not dance all night," she said of her post-Academy Awards activities. "I didn't hang out with Lorde and Taylor Swift. I went to sleep. I didn't do that."

Brie, who is currently filming new movie Kong: Skull Island in Vietnam, admits she was in tremendous fear on her way to the Oscars due to turbulence experienced on flights from the Asian country to Los Angeles.

"It was like three really sketchy flights, and I was like 'I really hope that I win because otherwise I risked my life for…'," she joked.

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