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Brian Blessed to travel to deepest point of earth

Brian Blessed to travel to deepest point of earth

Brian Blessed wants to be the first Briton to travel to the deepest point of the earth.

The 79-year-old actor is to celebrate turning 80 in October by doing a record-breaking descent called Challenger Deep, which will see him face pressures of 1,000 times greater than on earth, a feat completed successfully by Hollywood director James Cameron in 2012.

Speaking in this month's CALIBRE Quarterly magazine, he revealed: "I want to go to the bottom of the Marianas Trench in a bathysphere - all the way 37,000ft down!"

The 'Flash Gordon' star is obsessed with space and is a strong believer that humans originate from stardust particles.

Of his passion for the outer world, he said: "My biggest love in life is space. I've always been mesmerised by space and I firmly believe that we are the children of stardust, and we're yearning for the stars."

Meanwhile, Brian also has going to the moon on his bucket list.

He added: "I'm determined to go to the moon and I'm very keen that we get moving in space. I think we have this wonderful race memory for exploration - as old as the universe, and we're just scratching at the surface of it. We don't just belong here on this planet. The earth has got to have a rest!"