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Bratavio: We 'always knew' we'd get voted off

Bratavio: We 'always knew' we'd get voted off

'X Factor' duo Bratavio "always knew" they would get voted off the show.

The flamboyant pair - Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbro - found themselves in the sing-off on Sunday (09.10.16) and were sent home after they failed to impress the judges. Now, they have revealed they "had a hunch" they wouldn't survive for long in the live shows.

Writing on the 'X Factor' blog for the Metro newspaper, Ottavio said: "Bradley thought we could have potentially been safe during the live shows, but I always knew we were going the first week. I just had a hunch, especially when you look on social media and see the public not really getting behind you - it makes you think 'that's not going to translate into votes'."

But getting voted off the talent competition hasn't stopped the pair from wanting to be in the spotlight, as they have said they'd "love to get on any show", and ultimately want a career like that of former 'X Factor' contestant Rylan Clark-Neal - who now presents spin off show 'The Xtra Factor'.

They said: "In the future, we want to do like a music video, we want to do a tour and get around and meet some people. We'll do anything, because we'd love to get on any show.

"It's good to aim for a career like Rylan Clark's but, at the end of the day, as long as we're successful and we make a lot of money we'll be happy. It's not about fame, it's about just making a career."

The pair were kicked out of the competition after they failed to compete with Saara Aalto's performance in the sing-off. Speaking on the show after the vote, Bratavio insisted they were "proud" to have come as far as they had.

They said: "We're really proud, we're thankful to everyone the judges, the producers, thank you for giving us this opportunity to follow our dreams."

'X Factor' continues Saturday October 15 on ITV at 8pm.