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Bradley Cooper: Wage gap needs more attention

Bradley Cooper: Wage gap needs more attention

Film star Bradley Cooper thinks discussing the difference in pay between men and women in the acting industry is too "stigmatised".

The 40-year-old actor has supported his close friend and regular collaborator Jennifer Lawrence after the 25-year-old actress penned an open letter about the wage gap in Hollywood. She isn't the only female Bradley has worked with who has addressed the issue, with his American Sniper and Burnt co-star Sienna Miller recently turning down a role because she was offered less money than her male counterparts. Bradley is pleased to be a part of the movement and wants to help make a difference.

"My response was simply: yeah, God, of course there needs to be transparency," he told TV show Good Morning Britain when asked about Jennifer's letter. "There's a discrepancy, not only in our field, but in many other fields probably even more so. So the fact that she spoke out, the fact Sienna has already taken action, these are great things. It's a stigmatised thing to talk about how much one makes. If you're saying you're going to take a lower salary so it's even, I think people will love to do that. No one will ever try to stop you from taking less money!"

Bradley was so keen to work with Sienna again after they teamed up on Oscar-nominated movie American Sniper, he nagged her to appear in Burnt until she agreed. And she doesn't disappoint in the film, which follows troubled chef Adam Jones as he tries to open a Michelin-starred restaurant. Sienna plays his protégé Helene, and underwent a drastic transformation for the job.

"Every day she couldn't go anywhere because we were shooting American Sniper and I would just constantly tell her, 'It's an international cast, you get to be in London with your family, don't you wanna do it?'" Bradley recalled. "And then she finally said yes and she showed up the first day on set, back of her head shaved, tattoos, had like this whole other way about her and she was unbelievable."

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