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Boy George messed up his life 'pretty massively'

Boy George messed up his life 'pretty massively'

Boy George messed up his life "pretty massively".

The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker - who previously battled with drugs and has criminal convictions - admits he struggled for a while but found a turning point when he realised how "lucky" he is.

He said: "I suppose the best thing I can say about what happened to me is that I messed up my life pretty massively and then there was this turning point, where I realised that I was lucky to do the things that I do and have the life that I have. So I decided to do the best job possible of being Boy George."

The 54-year-old star - real name George Alan O'Dowd - is gearing up to be a judge on TV talent show 'The Voice' but insists he'll always be a singer and is glad his music can open up other avenues.

He told The Times magazine: "My friend always jokes, 'I'm not going to downsize. I'm going to get a f***ing bigger house.' I kind of agree with that. Why would you want to downsize? I think if you get this stuff into perspective, then you can really have fun with it.

"I'll always be a singer. But if you have to look at a career like a big pie chart and know that everything feeds everything else. So that old-fashioned idea that you're going to be on telly and sell lots of records is naïve. People don't buy records like we bought them; they are a creative calling card."